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IAI Completes 2nd Class for Michigan Designers

Mechanical designers from automotive manufacturers and suppliers were exposed to multiple application constraints that help in piping: The requirement to work on tight schedules; demanding accountability; congested areas exposed to heat and vibration; design within a broad range CAD systems capable of solving problems of fit-up, routing, shielding, mounting, fabrication, etc.  Classroom lectures and CAD labs were changed to leverage these existing skills.

As a result, the second class was able to spend more time on skills that integrate their industrial experience with their piping training.  For example, class 2 spent an extra week of lab work on PDMS beyond a full week of PDMS instruction.  This week included significant development of PDMS models plant equipment, which benefits directly from their prior experience with surface and constructed 3D geometry on other work assignments.  Bill said, “this led to their creating much more detailed and extensive models in their lab than with similar classes.  In short, they make great equipment modelers.”

The class also visited a working power plant, courtesy of DTE Energy.  The Plant, Belle River Power Station, permitted students to see coal fired boilers in service and turnaround conditions, a rare opportunity.  The level of questions from the class clearly demonstrate their knowledge of pipe, valves, fittings and equipment.

Finally, the efforts made to structure the class within Angel are paying big dividends.  The class used more use of the videos, practice quizzes and web links to review and extend class lecture and labs.  This increased the amount of equipment of equipment modeled and the level of comprehension about their function.

Bill Beazley summarized by saying, “this class continued the high level of competence we achieved in the first class. Not only are they proven pipe designers but they stand ready to bring into the field their long experience in other industries. They should all do well on their next piping assignment.”

Macomb College uses instructional videos recorded by William Beazley and Marketed by the Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (www.spedweb.com).

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