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KBI publishes new eBook: Managing Contribution, by William G. Beazley, Ph.D.

Contact: KBI Public Relations, 713-443-9914 info@kbintl.com

KBI publishes new eBook: Managing Contribution, by William G. Beazley, Ph.D.

Houston, TX
December 3, 2003

Knowledge Base International is pleased to announce publication of its first eBook, “Managing Contribution,” by William G. Beazley, Ph.D. The eBook outlines an new approach to enterprise metrics and performance management that overcomes the limitations of other approaches. The eBook format was chosen to distribute the book more efficiently and be used more conveniently.

Managing Contribution introduces a new analysis technique called “Contribution Analysis.” “Contribution is the value added to an expected opportunity to deliver products and services,” says author William G. Beazley, Ph.D. “Contribution Analysis finds the impact of contributing activities.”

The author of this eBook, Dr. William G. Beazley, is founder and president of Information Assets, a company that provides consulting services to a wide range of industries. Dr. Beazley is an internationally recognized author, and has published many papers, articles and newsletters. He can be contacted at www.infoassets.com.

A website has been set up with information about the eBook consult www.managingcontribution.com and about contribution analysis consult www.contributionanalysis.com.

The book is available from Knowledge Base International via www.kbintl.com.

William G. Beazley, Ph.D.
Information Assets, Inc.
9105 W. Sam Houston Pkwy N.
Suite 700-192
Houston, TX 77064

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